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CYZL is your real-time guide to what’s hot in town. Get back out there with confidence! CYZL gives you the insider’s insight into the scene, the crowd, wait times and more at local hot spots around South Florida. 

Any map can help you find a venue—only CYZL helps you find the vibe.

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We are on a mission to create a nightlife community where everyone knows what’s trending, where to go, and what’s new on the scene – all at their fingertips. A virtual space that connects people with places, and removes the hassle of texting friends, endless onlines searches, or even asking the bartender where to go next to keep the party going.

And we need powerhouse contributors like you to help us build it. Not just your traditional wayfinding app, we need your contributions to build the CYZL we want to see in South Florida.

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When you join CYZL, you get real-time access to see what’s hot in Palm Beach County. You also join our endless quest to find the vibe and make every experience the best it can be.

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Explore live maps with trending area venues. See all or filter by preference. 

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Cozy date? Live music? We’ve got your map. Where you go is up to you. 

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Is there a wait? Seating? Check the vibe with CYZL and know before you go.

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